What is a Refurbished iPhone, iPad or Samsung or any other Mobile Phone or Tablet LCD - OLED Screen?

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It is a Phone Screen which was previously Broken and instead of throwing it in the bin and going to Landfill was brought to an LCD Refurbishing – recycling centre and Refurbished to an As New state and brought back for a second lifespan.

A little about the process:

The Broken Screen first goes through the testing process to check that there are no dead pixels, image distortion touchscreen issues (As all original iPhone screens up to iPhone X has an integrated touchscreen matrix with the LCD display not working lines on the touchscreen would fail it as non-refurbishable) basically there is no issues which wouldn’t be removable during the refurbishment process.

After the screen passes the initial testing, all the broken parts are removed – the LCD - digitizer are separated from the frame and broken glass, the old polarisation film is removed.

After removal of broken parts and cleaning the screen undergoes refurbishment where new Polarisation and Optically clear adhesive films, new Glass and Frame are Applied to the display.

The Screen then goes through the Quality Check process to ensure the screen is in perfect condition and can be used again. The digitizer functionality, Display view and Cosmetics of the new parts are re-checked.

This process let’s phone users have an alternative to the aftermarket screens for a lesser price than a new screen and keeping the functionality and display colours same as they were while at the same time helping the nature since the screens are being reused and not thrown away.

Help nature – Enjoy Great Quality – Choose Refurbished Screens!